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League Selection
About League Selection

A contemporary endeavour to bridge the gap between League Teams and Cricketers. We conduct selection and Grade Players based on their skill sets to fetch them a spot in different levels of TNCA League division.

  • 70+ Teams across all Divisions
  • 150+ Cricketers placed in the past 3 Years
The Grade System
  • Grade A - 1st and 2nd Division League team selections.
  • Grade B+ - 2nd and 3rd Division League team selections.
  • Grade B - 3rd and 4th Division League team selections.
  • Grade C+ - 4th and 5th Division League team selections.
  • Grade C - 5th and 6th Division League team selections.
  • Grade D - Re-Selection will be conducted within 6 months and will be re-evaluated.
League Selection Steps
Step 1

Players go through a comprehensive selection and are sorted into grades based on their skills.

Step 2

Based on the Grade, The player will be attending selections of Various League Teams.

Step 3

Impress the Team Management, Sign for the Team and start playing in the prestigious TNCA League.

Our Clients
Few words from our Players

I had attended the grade selections conducted by 22Yards in 2018 where the coaches analysed my performances and gave me C grade. I then got selected in a 5th division team. My dream of being a league cricketer came true after joining 22yards. I would like to thank everyone associated with 22Yards for nurturing my cricket ambitions.


5th Division Player (Dorairaj Memorial)

I'm from Tirupur and I had attended the grade selections conducted by 22yards. I got selected in Friends XI team for the 2018-19 season. It was a very good experience. I scored 2 90's in the league and this would not have been possible without the support of 22Yards.


5th Division Player (Friends XI)

I am from Coimbatore and there is no proper platform here to get match practice. I joined the 22Yards premier league tournament as an individual player. I received equal opportunities in all the matches to showcase my talent. The coaches Mr Sutheesh R and AC Prathiban worked on my game and I have become a better cricketer now. Special thanks to 22Yards for introducing the concept of forming teams with individual players.


Player (22Yards Premier League)

I was facing difficulties in finding bowlers for my nets sessions. I had posted a request on the 22Yards app and 5 bowlers accepted my request to bowl for me. Thanks to 22Yards for connecting the cricket community


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