Ashish Diwan Singh Nehra, the iconic Indian cricketer retired on 1st November, 2017 after playing his final international match against New Zealand. Though Ashish Nehra has been in and out of the Indian Cricket side due to his inconsistency in performance, his deadly swing bowling has undeniably been beneficial to the Indian team on multiple occasions.

Let’s look at these 5 amazing facts about Ashish Nehra:

I  -Best bowling figures by an Indian in the World Cup:

His famous 6/23 against England in the 2003 World Cup is still the best figures by an Indian in the World Cup. The English batsmen had no answer to his bowling and a determined Ashish Nehra tore through the England top order.

II  – Nehra’s fastest ball was clocked in at 149.7 kmph:

Yes, you read that right! In the very same World Cup, Ashish Nehra bowled a ball at 149.7 kmph, which, at that time, was the fastest delivery bowled by any Indian. Even though he is not known for his pace, he was bowling at speeds that Indians could only dream of, in the early 2000s.

III  – Nehra has never featured in an advertisement:

In his 18-yearlong journey with professional cricket, Ashish Nehra has neither acted in an advertisement nor has he endorsed a product.In a time when Indian cricketers have been increasingly featuring in countless advertisements and endorsements across all media platforms, Ashish Nehra decided to stay away from them.

IV   –  Ashish Nehra has played under 5 different captains:

The 38-year old veteran has played for India under 5 different captaincys. He started out his career under the captaincy of Mohammad Azharuddin in 1999 and ended his career under the leadership of Virat Kohli in 2017. He has also played under Sourav Ganguly, RahulDravid and MS Dhoni in the times that he has played for India. Additionally, he was part of the squad that Anil Kumble had led although he never played under him as a captain.


V –  Second player in international cricket to bowl from his own end:

Ashish Nehra becamethe only second player in the history of international cricket to bowl from an end named after him. The Delhi District Cricket Association on 1st November 2017 named one of the playing ends at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium after the veteran seamer as a tribute to his spectacular careering that came to an end on the same day. The only other player to have achieved this feat is James Anderson from England.
There is no doubt that the retirement of the speedster marks the end of an era that saw India dominate the global stage. As India progresses into such a phase yet again, the shadows cast by such legends and their roots forever bind generations of cricketers.

Thank you Nehra, for in every over you sent down, every injury you combated and every comeback you made, kids across the length and breadth of the country took it upon themselves to push a little further.


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