Diwali is here! The festival of lights is indeed a treat to your senses! Happiness and joy all around, sweets and of course fireworks! If you’re bitten by the cricket bug it might also mean the Second T20I between India and West Indies! A cricket addict like who loves creating parallels, I had an epiphany of sorts. What fireworks would you relate Indian cricketers to and why? Few hours later I came up with this article that I thoroughly enjoyed writing. Just a heads up before we begin, this is an article that draws relative parallels between top Indian cricketers and fireworks that may seem characteristically similar. No stats, figures, facts or anything of that sort. Just a fun read.




MS Dhoni- The Mercurial Rocket

A very peculiar cracker that is not for the faint hearted! One will just not know what to expect from it as it zips past lines and windows. Nothing elegant about this and yet there is a certain sense of wonder. There’s no color or vibrance but it still does something that other crackers will not, it goes aerial! India’s finest Wicket Keeper is one such unpredictable persona who dances to tunes only he can hear. Be it playing, captaincy or just banter with press, the skipper has a certain sense of aura that is simply different. Nothing colorful and yet makes you take notice of a high flying champ and just like our rocket, no one can ascertain the trajectory of where it goes.



Virat Kohli – The Endearing Flower Pot

The flower pot is the exact contrast to the aerial rocket. The flower pot or “Buswaanam” as I call it in Tamil is everyone’s favorite. The vibrance and colour is simply overwhelming and one cannot get enough of it as we hope for it to last for longer. A rather safe bet as well, the flower pot will light up 9 out of 10 times unlike others, and when it doesn’t it simply bursts in rage! Virat Kohli similarly is the cynosure of eyes. The Batman of India has a certain dazzle that only he can generate. The safest bet in the world today to bat for your life, Virat Kohli is synonymous with results. However unlike the rocket that was tested far more frequently in the unfamiliar skies, the flower pot (and Virat Kohli) has enjoyed an extended stay on the ground or in India as it may apply. Perhaps until someone decides to strap on the flower pot and set it up in the sky so we’ll truly be dazzled by an aerial display by the flower pot and also Virat Kohli outside India!



Virendar Sehwag- The Mighty bomb!

Growing up as a kid I always perceived the bomb to have masculine traits. It’s loud, in your face and makes you sit up and take notice. It is considered dangerous as it explodes with a loud deafening noise. But ask the young boys who light them and they’ll tell you that the high they get is simply worth it. It’s out there and demands attention, standing up rough and dangerous. What more could you have described of Virendar Sehwag? Virat Kohli might be elegance, Dhoni might be brute, but Sehwag is the passive mix of both. Capable of taking the game away from the opposition, he’s a dynamite waiting to explode and once he does you drop what you do and simply let his attack take control of your senses. The King of Daddy Hundreds, Sehwag is a hit or miss player who once is lighted will make sure that he makes it count. Aggressive and demanding attention, the bomb and Sehwag are both heavily distinct in a deluge of sounds.


A little activity that I found quirky and enjoyed writing. So what fireworks do you think Indian Cricketers represent best? Let me know in the comments section.


Ramkumar Nair

Senior Executive


  1. Manoj Kumar 1 year ago

    A very different thought process, very well written and out of the box creativity. Loved the idea. Good job

  2. Deepti Garg 1 year ago

    This is brilliant! Very good writing. But was a little disappointed there were only 3, would have loved more. Keep it up

  3. Vandana Rajesh 1 year ago

    You have a god’s gift to write well,make it count. A very smart comparison that I enjoyed,my husband is a cricket lover and he loved it too.

  4. Stewie ' Griffin' Thomas 1 year ago

    I’ve been following this writer’s work and have never been disappointed. Relaxed and friendly it’s like he’s talking to you over a cup of tea. More power to you. Big fan from England

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