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It is often said being a fan is the easiest thing to do. We either cheer or jeer these players. But there are some days when being a fan is the worst feeling in the world. It’s not when he fails, or his team lets him down. It’s the day he decides he’s had enough and hangs up his boots. Being a fan of ABD has always been easy. But is it now?

A raw concoction of power and precision presented itself in 2004. ABD was a leader on and off the pitch. His humble approach to life and respect for the fans made him a loved figure around the world. His heroics on the turf coupled with a natural, subtle sense of showmanship showed how cricketers can be loved beyond boundaries. To celebrate him became celebrating cricket itself.  deVilliers’ absence will leave a void in world cricket. They don’t make them like him anymore. A mix of everything you could possibly want in a cricketer. AB’s aggression was pleasing to watch. His cricket was inspiring to be part of. His career was eerie in its brilliance and his class unmatched in a time where cricketers cross various boundaries of proper conduct.

For long, sport has told us that there exists a law of averages. Maybe this was sport’s way of reasserting its stand regarding the same. If you thought the most perfect cricketer of his time would get an international trophy, you have failed to acknowledge that in some way or the other cricket levels things up. It is tough not to relate his retirement to the way he played. The way no one knew what he would do next as a bowler came running in. That exact unexpectedness in announcing his retirement after coming into sublime touch.

As I said, sport is a great leveler. Consider us leveled.


Sriram Ranganath

Cricket nerd

Senior Blogger – 22Yards


                      AB De Villiers – Cricket Virtuoso

How often do we come across a man who has grown larger than the creed that made him?

The beauty of sport is that it sprouts a palpable sense of emotions in us. As men took to the field every time, a handful of legends returned. One such truly gifted prodigy is Abraham Benjamin de Villiers. Arguably the best in the world, ABD has orchestrated moments that are beyond the imagination of lesser mortals.

As I sat down to write a tribute for the legend, I relived a legacy in the eyes of his fan, as have fans before me and as they will after me. To sum up everything about ABD, we just love him, and that defines his career. It’s not the numbers, not the gameplay, nor the captaincy but rather the very aura that ABD is that has stolen our hearts.

Cricket will no doubt miss his bravado and awesomeness, and above all, a humble presence by a larger than life deity. As this 360° legend hangs his boots and calls time on a glorious career, parts of the ground that the ball once trespassed freely will be desolate again. Thank you master, the memories and moments you have gifted will continue to live as long as this sport. As years roll by, and ABD, just as any legend, becomes a highly acclaimed statistic in cricket, I will tell my children that I was there to see Abraham Benjamin de Villiers take the field.


                                     “ and now his watch has ended…..”


Ramkumar Nair

Cricaddict and Foodie

Senior Executive  – 22Yards



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